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Unforgettable Experiences Await Your Clients!

With over a decade of experience in hospitality, we have crafted an innovative approach to concierge and event-planning services. From personalized dining reservations to unforgettable Broadway packages, we go above and beyond to deliver unparalleled experiences.

We Take Experiences to the Next Level!

Imagine this: Your clients provide us with their typical requests, and with our network of over 600 vendors and restaurants, we create an impressive experience for them. From logistics to personalized service, we deliver an experience they didn’t even know was possible.

Some examples of what we do for our clients are below…


Case Study: A Memorable Half-Day Tour for a Family with Young Children

We recently had the pleasure of hosting a family with three small children who were visiting the city for the first time. Although they wanted a half-day tour, the kids wouldn't be able to do too much walking. To ensure they had a memorable experience, we asked them a few questions to understand their preferences, and then reached out to our network of tour guides.

After careful consideration, we found the perfect guide who helped us create a customized tour that catered to the family's needs. But we didn't stop there! To make sure the family could still see the sights without all the walking, we called one of our pedicab drivers to pick them up along the way.

The pedicab driver went above and beyond by letting the kids pick the songs during the tour, making the experience even more enjoyable for the whole family. In the end, the family had an unforgettable day, and we were thrilled to have played a part in creating lasting memories for them.


Case Study: We received a request from a professional baseball player and his wife for a day of shopping. However, they had very different expectations for the day. The baseball player only wanted a few new suits, a timepiece, and some winter gloves, while his wife wanted a whole new wardrobe, including handbags, shoes, and perfume. They contacted us at 9 am and needed to be back at their midtown hotel by 1 pm.

Thankfully, we were able to secure two personal shoppers within an hour. Since we know SoHo so well, we were able to take them to a boutique that specialized in both men's and women's fashion and also had shoes. We also found a boutique that had timepieces, handbags, and a perfume store, all within two blocks. We provided them with one of our luxury cars to take them there and wait, so as soon as they were done, we made sure they were picked up right away. The player and his wife were able to get everything they wanted, and then some; the stores even had champagne flowing! It was a great day and experience for our clients!


Case Study: Our client in town was concerned about losing their customers due to a poor experience, so they decided to take them out to dinner. To ensure a positive atmosphere, we collaborated with one of our restaurant partners to create a unique experience.

We started by organizing an interactive cocktail class, followed by a curated menu that featured our client's company logo as well as the logos of their clients' companies to personalize the experience. The menu was expertly paired with wines by a sommelier, and our partners even gave the group a tour of the kitchen and wine cellar, which housed over 3,000 wines!

Needless to say, our client's clients were impressed and were able to connect on a personal level. They had so much fun that they hardly had any negative conversations. We are happy to report that our client not only retained their clients but also turned them into friends who now have monthly wine dinners together!


Case Study: A client contacted us because they were craving Broadway but had already seen every show. They wanted something more, so we reached out to our network and discovered a unique off-Broadway show with several Broadway stars in the cast.

The cast agreed to let our client sit in on a rehearsal. As a result, our client was among the first to see the new show, met some of the stars from their favorite productions, and had a memorable and unique experience that will always be remembered!






Case Study: We had a discerning client who had lived in New York City for decades and wanted to experience the city in a new way. We began with a helicopter ride that went up the East River, providing views of Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Long Island City.

Next, we booked them at an old-school Italian restaurant that does not take reservations. As our clients walked past the line to enter, we greeted them at the door and escorted them to a corner table. The owner came to introduce themselves, and the chef personally served their first course.

Once dinner was finished, we led them through the kitchen, out the back door, down an alleyway, and into a secret speakeasy decorated in the style of the prohibition era for an after-dinner cocktail. Our clients were impressed that we were able to provide them with a unique and unforgettable experience, including booking them at a restaurant and speakeasy they didn't even know existed!

Botelho Member Perks


Event Planning

Working closely with hundreds of venues and industry experts makes executing the perfect event seamless. We specialize in taking our member’s dreams, no matter how big or small, and turning them into an unmatched and unforgettable reality!

Custom Itineraries

Our members experience New York City like never before with our expertly crafted itineraries, designed to cater to unique needs, amplify precious time, and dissolve the city’s complexities. Ranging from handpicked recommendations to all-encompassing schedules, our involvement and precision adapt seamlessly to match our members’ every desire.

Curated Experiences

We don’t just make reservations, we create an experience. We work with our members to define exactly what they want and our attention to every last detail is made clear in the unforgettable memories we create.

Experiences by Area

We have created exclusive shopping, tour, art, and other unique experiences that are curated to maximize time, minimize the chance for frustrations that come with navigating New York City and offer an unparalleled journey into the city’s hidden gems, cultural treasures, and vibrant energy.

Exclusive Experiences

Our team of experts works tirelessly to curate experiences that are truly one-of-a-kind, combining luxury, adventure, and unparalleled access to create memories that will last a lifetime.

From private tours that take you off the beaten path to exclusive access to some of the most sought-after destinations and events, we go above and beyond to ensure that every moment of our client’s experience is nothing short of incredible.


Drinks & Dining


Interactive Experiences


Half & Full Day Experiences




Tours & excursions


Family-Friendly and Group Experiences

What You Can Expect with Botelho:


Client Retention

A significant increase in 5-star reviews as well as happy clients coming back and telling their friends! 



We offer End of Month reports and create detailed client profiles that we can share with your team to increase the personalization of each client’s visit.


Co-Branded Materials

We offer a branded landing page, a prompt on our toll-free phone number, a vanity email address, and new Experience announcements that can be shared with incoming clients.


Multilingual Support

We have Spanish-speaking agents as well as a program to help with professional translating for all languages.


Less Waiting, More Service

We are always available so the client’s requests are being expertly handled, regardless of how busy you may be.


Cost and Time Efficiency

From a cost standpoint, we will save money in staffing, taxes, etc, and will handle everything the client needs.



Our flexibility and ability to merge with different types of clients helps us as we work together to ensure we are consistently creating new ways for a seamless and enhanced client experience.


Constant Growth

We are constantly growing as we continue to create and launch new, unique, and exciting Experiences that challenge the status quo and keep us in a league of our own.

Why Botelho

Marc B

I have used concierge services at various clubs, buildings, and hotels over the years; yet none has seemed so well suited to, and capable of, coordinating and carrying out hard-to-accomplish tasks as Botelho. I'm happy to report that my most recent NYC dining experience -- at a very difficult to reserve restaurant -- went flawlessly because of your efforts. The entire experience was great: The hostess had my name on a list, was friendly and welcoming, and showed my guest and I to a corner table where we were treated like VIPs. Many thanks. I look forward to working with you on the next NYC dining challenge ....


Jackie and team are amazing. Great service, creative ideas, and a thoughtful approach to everything they do. She provides great counsel, has amazing and strong relationships in the market, and is timely and clear with her communication. I would give her a hundred stars if they allowed for it! If you need a trusted partner, contact Botelho!

Cait Nightingale

Botelho’s attention to detail around the minutia of what makes a beautiful client experience was beyond what we could have expected. As someone that wants to make sure my clients have the best time at the most thoughtful & curated venues in NYC, Botelho was above expectations.

Robert DeWaele

One of the best decisions I’ve ever made! They went above and beyond to make my event special and the feedback I received from my guests was glowing. The price was very competitive too! Will definitely be a return customer!

Harry Stout

A shout out to Botelho who provided fabulous support for dining options and sightseeing during our stay at the Yale Club of NYC. We have now used them twice and got all the support we could hope for.

Hans Wydler

Our flight into the city was 2 hours late and we needed to find a fun restaurant that could seat 8 guests on short notice, a week before Christmas no less. Botelho delivered! We all had a great time and my guests couldn't believe we got such a good table on such short notice. 5 star experience!

Don Truslow

Botelho arranged a wonderful day for my family to tour several sites in NYC that are important to our family history. Our driver was great, and the concierge service could not have been better. I highly recommend this team!

Alice D.

I used Botelho Concierge for a client meeting. The arrangements were amazing and the service was first-class. They will go the extra mile to ensure you have a memorable experience. I would recommend Jackie and her team when you need events or reservations in NYC.

James Flint

Botelho was incredibly helpful to us. Not only did they obtain tickets to a sold-out performance that were wonderful orchestra seats, but they called us several times to be sure that we had received the tickets and that there were no difficulties of any kind. Botelho has our unqualified endorsement as being superb!

Aaron Repole

WOW! I reached out to them as a last-ditch effort to get a reservation at Carbone NYC less than a week before my trip. I tried for months to get a reservation with no luck. They were able to get me a reservation within 3 hours. Sure, getting the reservation was incredible but what set them apart was when I arrived at the restaurant, Jackie was waiting there to make sure we had no issues getting sat.

Customer service creates long-term clients, and they go above and beyond. I will only use them when I am in the city for future trips.

Sally C

I booked 3 experiences with them during a trip to NYC with my daughter; and was so glad I did. We were treated like VIP’s at each one; and the owner Jackie was so responsive and helpful. If you are looking for unique NYC experiences with an elevated level of service, they can deliver!

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